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Kultkolben Custom Edition

McLaren M6GT Custom Top

McLaren M6GT Custom Top

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Unfortunately, the McLaren M6 GT never reached series production. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful car. Choose one of two original racing liveries, or eight other colors of this dream car. Combine the M6GT with a background color of your choice and add details such as dirt and info text to the motif.
  • 30x40 cm, 40x50 cm or 50x70 cm
  • Razor-sharp art print
  • Fine art on paper, 230g/m2 or Alu-Dibond print
  • With or without real wood frame
Customizable art print
  • Car paint/color
  • Background color
  • Background style
  • Car clean or dirty
  • With or without info text
  • White border or borderless print
Delivery (EU & UK) 7-10 business days | (World) 10-31 Business Days

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McLaren M6GT
The McLaren M6 GT was to be developed as a sports car for customers and was based on the McLaren M6B Spider from the American CanAm racing series. In contrast to the Spider, the M6 GT had a closed body with gullwing doors.It was powered by an 8-cylinder Chevrolet engine. After Bruce McLaren's death in 1970, the project was put on ice. Only four vehicles reached customers such as Steve McQueen in a roundabout way.