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Kultkolben Limited Edition

M1 Procar Stripes

M1 Procar Stripes

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Fine art print of the BMW M1 Procar in side view. Shows various paintings, e.g. Niki Lauda, Nelson Piquet, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Joe Crevier, Kurt Koenig and Manfred Winkelhock

  • Size: 70 x 50 cm
  • Eight-color printed, razor-sharp fine art print
  • High quality fine art paper, 250g/m2, semi glossy surface
  • printed on demand

Limited to 100 copies!

  • Prints are numbered (e.g. 1/100)
  • Authenticity hologram with serial number
  • Serial number included on invoice

Frame not included

Delivery within 7-10 days (EU +UK), 10-31 days (non EU)

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BMW M1 Procar
The BMW M1 Procar was built from 1978-1981 and, contrary to the original plans, was mainly sold to private individuals as a road-going version. The Procar Championship attracted greater attention. It was held from 1979-1980 as part of the Formula 1 supporting programme.The five fastest Formula 1 drivers from the training runs competed against a maximum of 19 other drivers.