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Kultkolben Custom Edition

Lotus 79 Custom Side

Lotus 79 Custom Side

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The Mario and Ronnie Train

Here you get a unique art print of the Lotus 79, the legendary ground-effect racer that dominated the 1978 Formula 1 season. Choose the car driven by Mario Andretti or Ronnie Peterson. Combine your favorite car with a background color of your choice and add details such as dirt, info text and a border to the motif. Also available with a real wood frame or as an aluminum dibond print.
  • 30x40 cm, 40x50 cm or 50x70 cm
  • Razor-sharp art print
  • Fine art paper, 230g/m2 or aluminum dibond print
  • With or without real wood frame
Customizable art print
  • Car paint/color
  • Background color
  • Background style
  • Car clean or dirty
  • With or without info text
  • White border or borderless print

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Lotus 79
The Lotus 79 was the dominant Formula 1 car of the 1978 season. It was a further development of the Lotus 78 and the drivers Mario Andretti and Ronnie Peterson often achieved a one-two finish. This gave them the nickname "The Mario and Ronnie Train".Mario Andretti eventually won the Formula 1 World Championship and Lotus the Constructors' Cup. After his fatal accident, Ronnie Peterson posthumously finished second in the overall standings.